562 Gem Terrace Tallahassee, Florida 32305
Bill Otersen 850-877-9712 bill@stupidstudio.com
1980-Present: Freelance Illustrator/Graphic Artist
From traditional to digital - hand rendering to vector and pixal, serving various retail, publishing, advertising & multi-media clients now as stupidstudio.com, formerly Otersen Studios, formerly Dirt Road Studio Client list available upon request.
12/96-12/99: Illustrator/Production Artist
The Clothesline, an imprinted sportswear Company (850-877-9171)
9/94-9/95: Art Director/Illustrator
Team Spirit Graphics, a custom & product line garment company (no longer in business)
1/90-8/94: Graphic Artist/Designer
Sunshine Advertising, a sign manufacturer & screen printer (878-2000)
1988-1989: Illustrator/Production Artist
Continental Screen (New York City) humorous illustration and garment art for children
1981-1988: Cartoonist/Art Director
Florida Flambeau (Daily Tabloid) four panel, political-cultural-conceptual cartoon strip, “Mister Stupid”, 3 times a week, news/feature art, editorial cartoons, logos, & full color section covers.

9/79-6/82: Lively Technical Center, 2 year degree,(A.A.)Commercial Art
09/78-06/79: Tallahassee Community College
09/67-present: My applied art education began with own “Peanuts” style cartoon strip at age 10, I have studied cartooning and its history, abstraction in nature, sketching, the human figure, animal anatomy, animation, hand lettering, Ink rendering, art history, layout, graphic design, and production techniques.
I have rendered over a thousand cartoon strips for print, made hundreds of illustrations and filled dozens of sketch books with drawings from life, imagined art and designs conceived.
As a digital artist, I have learned these software programs: Freehand 5-10, Painter 4-7, GoLive, 3-4, Illustrator 5.5-9, Photoshop 3-6, Pagemaker 6.5, Quark 3.2-4 and Mac operating systems 7.5-9.2.

Traditional Tools
T-square, triangle, ink, pens, brushes, knife, film and pencils

03/02-Present: Sylvia Portillo, age 7: drawing lessons
06/02: Mei Chin, FSU College of Ed. Psychology and Learning Systems, cartoon lessons
01/99-09-99: Kathy Termotty:
Personal instruction, cartooning for children’s books
01/85-05/87: FSU Center for Participant Education: figure drawing
03/57-05/87: Brush and Palette: cartooning for children

01/05: 621 Gallery, Tallahassee Florida
Mister Stupid retrospective
04/99: Southern Shakespeare Festival, Stupid Shakespeare cut-outs
03/97: Tallahassee Regional Airport Gallery cartoon strips, with Mark Hinson & Jerry Stern, “Drawn to Distract”
12/93-2/94: Space Gallery #1, Railroad Square, Tallahassee, stage set design for absurdest play, Pere Ubu, by Alfred Jarry
01/96-05/97: Co-director, Space Gallery #2, gallery art shows and entertainment
01/87: FSU Fine Arts Gallery
“Mister Stupid”, cartoon strips (solo artist show)

04/98: The Good Bad and Mister Stupid
03/97: More Stupid Summer
05/96: Stupid Summer
12/95: Mister Stupid Holiday Collection
Currently Featured in
11/02: Directory of Illustration #19, 11/02
2003/present: Apalachee Tortoise, Cover Illustration
and Mister Stupid cartoon strip