Mister Stupid reads on his Kness
Otersen Signature 2001
mister stupid
r•brain washr__•leaf blow comet r__•smart phone kyphosisr__•orange POTUS r__•turkey hunterr__•happy new year
r•Picasso Facesr__•pyramidr__•when's president day?r__•alas yorrick__•at the zoo__•coffee & cell phone
•mister stupid doll__•santa & drone__•sees god__•shoots balloon__•stupid david
mister stupid
_dig hole__•french fry fuel___here kitty kitty___pick nose___planet earth___stop watching me__ufo pizza__penis pills
_vote__•bombing range__brain shake__eye pod__get ready an' go out__fly a kite on the power lines__race trash cans
_artist make art for__just read__coming soon to a theatre near you__blow up santa__woodsman & xmas tree
_happy new year__bloody cartoon__drive big block V8__coal for christmas__swallow bulldozer__pendulum swings
_when's president's day?__•never miss a thing__•go fly a kite __
•confederate monty __sun salutations
rdrive by Xmasr__fall leaves__mall xmas tree (74k)_mushroom compostr__organic apple
rpirates (82k)r__stupid pyramidr__surfs up 2000r__the trip (70k)r__vegin' (84k)r__•y3k-800 (92k) r
stupid suv'sr_•car unplugsr__•plastic shopping bagsrr_•hate my jobr_•tattoo-retr_•kitty litterr_•stupid dunk
r•hat blows off_•monster eats the appler_•why they hate us__•diet pills__•bounce back
_1st birthday __2nd hand clothes __7 eleven santa __alien fast food__•block It out
_holiday package__how to read mister stupid__lets dance__nuke missle strip
_smart deer __the fridge__toast metamorphis__walking the dog/cat__where my ducks
the good
the bad and
mister stupid
mister stupid
_car fumes_classy restaurant_hand me down scream_mobile home_pop songs
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mister stupid
_•4 ways to deal with youselfr__•abort babies/execute criminalsr__•art looks better on tvr__•boom, just greatr
•boom box earth quaker__•cars, work on'em for moneyr__•drink drive turkeyr__•hungover
_•my car my image__•ode to trees__•painting makes me sickr__•smart to dumbr__•stop watching me1
_•throw away car___•triathelete___•video arcade sex
mister stupid
_•4 images that sell anything__armadillos__art aerobics __ artist! __bippy the punk chicken
_challenger explodes___cocaine-pinhead___escalator__ hang-out at mall__ john can you hear me?
_just not perfect enough___leaf blowers___let's go out!___scary thoughts___star wars can't___terrorist hour
_why smoke?___work for car___work out-diet soda
new york
mister stupid
_wear all black__amerika!__another shitty day__apartment poop__barely scrap by__high rise building
_car alarm conductor__chase the dollar__fat car fat gut__goodbye new york__while in new york___
r•co-op books__•Haunted House__•strip no.1__•oh shit that time__•ok club__•procrastinate__•The strip featuring
_•tron__• slut boy valentine__•you must be an artist__•your license to R & R__•burger wars__•EZ-roll
_•time for mister stupid__•visits grandparents__•votes at sports arena__•where is free fall?__•media x
_•no culture left__•paraquat__•bob hope__•deadly weapon__
•free fall is dead__•art party__•Mister Stupid is dead
_•this strip is shit__•Don't Photograph Prince__•Fashion Bandana__•Few Words About Fashion__•Here Comes Eddie
_•Hey Head Phony__•Izods On Sale__•Midway__•One Buck__•Slam Dancing__•Soda or Beer__•SuperMarket
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