featuring "surf's up" mister stupid
_•ahhh the sun! __•beer belly 101__•beer parties__•build up arms1 __•build up arms 2 __•cocaine florida__•concrete patio
_•don't pick the seaoats 1_•don't pick the seaoats 2__family handgun__fix up the ol’pick-up __•jeans unravel __•michelob babe
_•mow, need more beer __•pbr flashback __•rasta stupid __•sink wimps__•space shuttle__•splat!___•strip for today __•stump toe
_•sunshine decadence __•who peed in the pool?
when the 3rd square of the year begins,
_and the material mind melts into the sunset,
_this is stupid summer.
_•bale of pot__baseball spit__•beachball babe_l•condos mushroom__•flip flop pow__•hold breath in pool__•king can__•lawn service
_•man eat shark__•new wave__•nuke pacific isle__•plant head__•surfs up__•surfs up le mall_•wow the dunes
_•ice-t__•surfs up-01_beach horizion__•water up my nose__•golf course garden__•move furnture like plants__•plant tree plant head
_•croc hunter__•day went fast__•hurricane broadcast__•ice cream splat__•leave water on__•nice tan__•paint beach__rain cats and dogs
_•surf's up '07__•make a rainbow__•do one more__•summerdecadence__•surfs up 2010 m_•clean up oil spill__•lets go to
the moon
_tour de france __•oyster spits oil__hiking in the woods__mosquito spray __summer Movie__•vines__sierra the cat
_•surf's up 11_•sisyphus mows_surf's up 17_•weber grill_•marco polo
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